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17 Best Character In Overwatch We've Tested 2023

Brandon Forder
  Dec 9, 2023 2:06 AM


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Considering the many characters in Overwatch, it's hard to say which character is the best. The best character depends on how important the character is to the team and the player's skill level. Obviously, a player's skill level is the most important factor. But it's also important to consider the game's balance. It's a game of teamwork, and the best character will help your team win the game.

If you're looking for the best character for the team, you'll want to consider characters with good damage, healing, and utility. These characters are able to take advantage of their strengths to impose damage on the enemy. In addition, they can be great carriers for your team. Some characters, such as Zarya, can deal enough damage to most characters in just seconds. And it's possible to use them as a tank, too. If you choose a character with a good damage and healing combination, you can get the best character in Overwatch.

If you want to focus on the utility side of the game, you may want to consider Brigitte or Lucio. They can be excellent team healers, and Lucio can confuse the enemy team with his speed boost. Orisa is another good support character, and she has a good range with her javelin. And Orisa can spin her javelin to block projectiles.

For the tank class, you may want to consider D.Va. She's a character that has a huge health pool, can hunt down snipers, and is always on the move. She's also able to counter most characters' combos. This makes her the best character in Overwatch.

If your team is struggling against large numbers of damage characters, consider using Pharah. Her main weapon attack is ideal for large targets. She also has a fusion rifle, which gives her more range. In addition, she can deal large amounts of damage with her ultimate ability.

If you're looking for a support hero, you may want to consider Mercy. She's one of the few characters that can revive team members and strengthen her damage. She's also good at defending against large, oppressive damage characters. But her role in the game is relatively limited.

For players who want to do damage, they may want to consider Tracer. She has two offense skills, and she can move and teleport. She's also a good character for push and control game modes. And her biotic launcher will provide extra healing ammunition. In addition, she's able to heal herself if she gets hit by an attack. This means that she can be used to kill enemies from the sidelines.

For players looking for a defender, consider Reinhardt. She has a huge health tank, and a hammer that can deal a lot of damage. However, she's not as good at defending as Orisa. In addition, she doesn't have as high of a range as Orisa. Nevertheless, she can deal with many characters with her whip shot, and can also destroy Sombra.

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