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Top 17 Best Poly Strings For Tennis Elbow Of 2024

Brandon Forder
  May 21, 2024 1:38 AM


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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, Luxilon brand strings are the ideal strings for tennis elbow. They are comfortable and provide superior tension maintenance. They also offer great durability and compatibility with other strings. They also provide better spin and comfort. Whether you are playing on clay or hard courts, you will have a better grip and access to your game.

If you are struggling with tennis elbow, you should try a soft co-poly string. Softer strings help to reduce vibrations, which in turn, help to mitigate the effects of tennis elbow. They also help to maintain good control of the ball. This is a big deal because it is hard for a player with tennis elbow to maintain control of the ball with a stiff string.

Several brands have released softer co-polyester strings. One of the best is Technifibre NRG2. This 17g natural color string is excellent for comfort, spin and power. It has an octagonal shape and is infused with silicone oil to promote snapback. The string also has a softer outer layer that provides more comfort and durability.

Another great option is WeissCANNON's Red Ghost. This string is made with soft molecular fibers and resins. It is great for flat style hitters. It has a crisp feel at contact and good tension maintenance. It can lose tension quickly, so you will need to restring it after 6-8 hours of play. The string is extremely comfortable and is a good hybrid between a poly and co-poly.

The first co-poly string that was released by Luxilon was the Smart Tennis String. It is built to adapt to different types of shots, so it is great for power and touch shots. It intelligently detects your swing speed and adapts to it.

Another brand with a great string is Kirschbaum. They have been making high quality polyester strings since the early 1990s. They are often overlooked by players. They make a variety of tennis strings, including the popular Pro Line No. II. This string offers great control and spin potential, and excellent tension maintenance. They also produce a brand new offering, WeissCANNON Red Ghost.

Another great string company is RAB. They have a variety of string lines, including Luxilon, Prince and Dunlop. They also produce a number of arm friendly strings. They have a number of different sizes, including 18 gauge, so you can find a string that is right for you. They have several different tension levels as well. They are made of a natural gut material and are a little more expensive, but they are well worth it.

Kirschbaum has a number of co-poly strings that are incredibly durable and comfortable. They also offer a variety of options for players with tennis elbow. They offer a variety of gauges, including 16G and 17G. They are also a good option for players who have to restring their strings frequently.

Another good poly string option is the Luxilon Element. It is softer than most co-polyester strings, and it offers better durability and impact absorption. It also uses Multi-Mono construction, which enhances comfort and ball pocketing.

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