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Top 15 Best Screws For Pvc Board In 2023

Brandon Forder
  Feb 8, 2023 6:03 PM

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Buying Guide

What to look for when purchasing screws for pvc board.

When purchasing screws for PVC boards, there are a few things that you should be aware of. 

Type of PVC Board: PVC boards come in many different varieties. Some boards are meant to be used for outdoor applications, while others are meant to be used in indoor applications. 

PVC boards are graded A, B, and C, and grade A boards are the most expensive. Grade A boards are intended for outdoor applications, and are also waterproof. 

Grade B boards are ideal for indoor commercial and residential uses. Grade C boards are the least expensive and are intended for non-structural applications only.

Basic types of screws used for PVC board.

It is important to understand the different types of hardware and screws that are used for PVC board. The screws used for PVC boards are of different materials, sizes, and shapes. 

The screws that we use for PVC boards are: 

Cabinet screw

Flat head screw

Pan head screw

Phillips head screw 

Square head screw 

Thumb screws 

Wood screw

Tips for using screws for PVC board.

There are a few tips that you can follow when using screws for PVC board. 

First, make sure that the screws you choose are the right size for the board. Next, make sure that the screws are properly placed and screwed in tightly. Finally, use a drill to countersink the screw heads if necessary. Doing this will prevent the screws from coming loose over time. 

screws for pvc board are an essential part of your DIY project arsenal. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your screws will hold up well and will not cause any damage to the board.

Things to avoid when screwing PVC board.

When screwing PVC board, it's best to avoid

Using a drill: Use screws with 1/4" threads to screw PVC board. Do not use screws with a phillips head or cross head because the threads will be stripped when trying to drive the screw into the board. 

Using a hammer: Do not tap on the PVC board with a rubber mallet. The mallet could crack the board. 

Using power screwdriver: Using a power screwdriver can cause the screw to break.

Pros and cons of using screws for PVC board.

PVC board generally has a smooth finish. This makes it ideal for applications that require an eye-catching finish. However, PVC board is prone to cracking with screws, which is a problem. Therefore, people generally use screws with thicker heads that are meant for decking. 

1. Thicker heads: Use a thicker-head screw than is recommended for PVC boards. Thicker heads do not crack the PVC boards as easily as thin heads.

2. Phillips head screws: Do not use flat head screws for PVC boards. The flat heads are likely to crack the PVC boards during installation. Use Phillips head screws instead.

3. Avoid screws with tapered shanks: Avoid screws with tapered shanks, like hex head screws, for PVC boards. The tapered shanks will strip out during installation. Choose a screw with a round shank instead.

4. Use screws designed for decking: Screws that are designed for decking are ideal for installing PVC boards. The screws will penetrate into the decking surface and provide adequate support to hold the board in place. There are two main types of screws: plastic decking screws and zinc-coated decking screws. Choose screws with a rust-resistant coating.

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