Workshop on Structural Transformation


The three-day Workshop convened more than 20 renowned economists and other expected contributors for the planned Oxford University Handbook on Structural Transformation. The participants discussed the theories, patterns, strategies and country experiences related to structural transformation.  The Workshop was opened by Amy Leung (Deputy Director General of the East Asia Department, ADB),  together with Justin Yifu Lin (Peking University) and Celestin Monga (UNIDO). Nobel Laureate Roger Myerson provided the key note address.

Pressing development challenges facing the PRC were reviewed during a panel discussion session entitled "How Can China Transition to an Innovation-Based Economy".  The session was chaired by Former ADB Chief Economist Shang-Jin Wei, featuring the following panelists: Justin Yifu Lin (Peking University); Jong-Wha Lee (Korea University); Christian Ketels (Harvard University); and Christopher Thomas (McKinsey & Company). Shang-Jin Wei also gave a presentation on why some middle-income countries grow more rapidly than others.