National Consultation and Knowledge Sharing Workshop on Regional Cooperation and Integration


The workshop brings together senior officials of MOF, NDRC, representatives from IMAR, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and Yunnan Province to (i) discuss the latest trends in RCI; (ii) review the strategies and action plans of the PRC government; (iii) explores how RCI can be further mainstreamed into the CPS and country programing; and (iv) share experience in implementing RCI initiatives, particularly in designing innovative RCI projects.

Regional cooperation and integration (RCI) is a process by which national economies become more interconnected regionally. RCI plays a critical role in accelerating economic growth, reducing poverty and economic disparity, raising productivity and employment, and strengthening institutions. ADB adopted a regional cooperation policy as early as in 1994 to support ADB's overarching goal of poverty reduction through regional cooperation. ADB's current RCI Operational Plan focuses on strengthening connectivity between economies, enhancing competitiveness across connected markets, and improving regional public goods and collective actions.