2019 China Poverty Reduction International Forum


Over the past 2 decades, many low-income countries have grown into middle-income countries. Despite GDP growth, the challenge of making growth more inclusive remains. The forum discusses ways to share best practices in poverty alleviation, and will bring together more than 100 government officials, representatives from international organizations, academia, private sector, and the media. The winner list of the "Global Solicitation and Challenge Prize on Best-Practice Poverty Recuation Cases" will be released. The second call for the solicitation campaign will be launched, as well as the Chinese and English versions of "A Foreign Lens: How Global Partners View China's Poverty Alleviation Efforts". The forum and the campaign is co-sponsored by the ADB, China Internet Information Center, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, International Fund for Agricultural Development, International Poverty Reduction Center in China, World Bank, and the World Food Programme.