Hubert Jenny: Green Cities and Green Finance (2017)


The urbanization ratio in China increased from 19% in 1978 to 54% in 2013. The number of cities rose from 193 in 1978 to 658 in 2013. Continued rural–urban migration is expected to lead to a projected urban population of 816 million by 2020. In 2014, the government set-up a Green Finance Task Force, which issued a series of recommendations to set-up a green finance system. The understanding is that a country based green finance model requires strong national policies, supported by financing, addressing the specific risks of urban infrastructure investments and catalyzing large scale Private and Commercial Funding into green urban infrastructure. The China Development Research Foundation estimates that the China needs to invest CNY24 trillion ($3.8 trillion) in urban infrastructure by 2020 to meet the needs with public funding capped at 15%, resulting in a massive gap. Challenges for local governments include increased debt, a limited tax base, and limited options to finance infrastructure. The lecture by Hubert Jenny will first look at planning strategies to green urban master plans addressing infrastructure gaps and institutional bottlenecks and then review funding options to finance green urban infrastructure.

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Economics, Environment, Climate Change, and Disaster Risk Management, Finance Sector Development